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Awards received by four MARINA students!

Second year MARINA Master's students Liliana Bastian and Christopher Giordano have each received a Hewlett Endowed Fund for Environmental Studies and Marine Affairs award. In addition, Liliana received awards from the UW College of the Environment Student Travel and Meeting Fund and UW Graduate School Fund for Excellence and Innovation Student Travel Award.

Second year Jillian Lyles has been awarded the Linda Maxson Endowment Marine Policy Award which 'seeks to encourage students to pursue experiential professional development opportunities'  and is awarded to 'those demonstrating desire for a powerfully informative experience resulting in better understanding of interdisciplinary, professional network development and challenge the student to leave his/her comfort zone'. 

Lastly, Hannah Bassett has received a scholarship from the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs as she begins her first year as a student with MARINA this fall.