In November, Lily attended the 70th annual conference of the Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute held in Merida, Mexico; an opportunity made possible by SMEA’s Wendy Graham Travel Award. Under the mentorship of Kathy Lockhart, Lily presented their findings on the status of the lobster and hogfish fisheries of South Caicos in the Turks and Caicos Islands. For over a decade, these length data were collected by university students studying at the Center for Marine Resource Studies, School for Field Studies in collaboration with local fishermen and the Turks and Caicos Department of Environment and Coastal Resources. Lily said, “I’m particularly excited because our spiny lobster findings match anecdotal observations by local fishermen. In the paper we submitted to this conference, we were able to emphasize their essential perspective.” She enjoyed meeting with scientists that inform small-scale fisheries management throughout the Caribbean.