Eddie Allison’s latest paper, “Changes in adaptive capacity of Kenyan fishing communities” was published in Nature Climate Change yesterday.

The research conducted by Professor Allison and his colleagues shows how indicators of adaptive capacity within a particular livelihood group are socially differentiated by age, migrant status and participation, and whether they changed amongst the sampled population over time. The results suggest that community-level interventions such as provision of infrastructure or services such as credit facilities may help to increase aspects of adaptive capacity over time. The information gathered from this study aids in the understanding of the determinants of human vulnerability.

Full Citation: Cinner JE, Huchery C, Hicks CC, Daw TM, Marshall N, Wamukota A, Allison EH. Changes in adaptive capacity of Kenyan fishing communities. Nature Climate Change 29 June 2015. doi:10.1038/nclimate2690

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