Originally from Ponta Grossa, Brazil, Gustavo Paitch joins the MARINA Lab as an intern this summer. Gustavo is an undergraduate student in Oceanography from the Federal University of Paraná and has had the opportunity to study and work in the U.S. as an exchange student with the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program. Gustavo's first contact with small-scale fisheries was working with bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) through the "Núcleo de estudos em sistemas pesqueiros e áreas marinas protegidas", or NESPAMP, which translates to the "Group for Studies on Fishery Systems and Marine Protected Areas".

During his summer at the MARINA Lab, Gustavo aims to learn and apply new skills, improve his communication skills, develop and improve research skills and create a strong network with the SMEA students, researchers and staff. Gustavo will primarily be working with Master's Candidate and Research Assistant, Hannah Bassett, analyzing data collected using the Fishery Snapshot Assessment Protocol, or SNAP, to create small-scale fishery profiles for 15 villages of American Samoa.

During a recent trip, Gustavo had a conversation with a stranger who called him a “world traveler”; even though he has only been in two countries Gustavo liked the nickname and is now inspired to make sure it becomes true. After only two weeks in Seattle, Gustavo has already developed a liking for kayaking in Portage Bay, eating Vietnamese food, and going to Sounders games.